Paper Straws

Enjoy some fun in your cup with straws made of environmentally-friendly paper material. Great for packing in your bag or picnic basket, these straws do the job without the plastic waste.

  • Details

    • 50 count 
    • A great alternative to plastic straws 
    • For use with room temperature or colder beverages
  • Dimensions

    • 3.2 x 7.9 x 1.0 in (UNIT)
  • A Smarter Way To Sip

    Easy to grab and go, pack for picnics, or just use at home in a pinch, our paper straws offer a better-for-the-earth way to enjoy beverages and are made of environmentally-friendly paper material.

  • Blue and Green Stripes for Fun In Your Cup

    Perfect for parties or just a little pizzazz, our paper straws are designed to be extra delightful, designed with fun colors. It’ll be a celebration in your cup no matter where you go.



Where can I purchase these straws? Are these available in stores?

Many LifeMade products seen here are available for purchase at your local Walmart store, and will be soon available for purchase online at leading online retailers.

How long does it take for the paper straws to decompose?

Paper straws take about 2-6 weeks to decompose in landfill.