Paper Straws

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Enjoy some fun in your cup with straws made of environmentally-friendly paper material. Great for packing in your bag or picnic basket, these straws do the job without the plastic waste.

  • Details

    • 50 count 
    • A great alternative to plastic straws 
    • For use with room temperature or colder beverages
  • Dimensions

    • 3.2 x 7.9 x 1.0 in (UNIT)
  • A Smarter Way To Sip

    Easy to grab and go, pack for picnics, or just use at home in a pinch, our paper straws offer a better-for-the-earth way to enjoy beverages and are made of environmentally-friendly paper material.

  • Blue and Green Stripes for Fun In Your Cup

    Perfect for parties or just a little pizzazz, our paper straws are designed to be extra delightful, designed with fun colors. It’ll be a celebration in your cup no matter where you go.