Individually Wrapped Earth Friendly Home Compostable* Straws

LifeMade’s Earth Friendly straws are simply the best straw for environmentally-conscious consumers. Made of certified bio-based materials, these straws are 100% home and commercially compostable and can break down in a matter of months. They are just as strong and durable as traditional plastic straws, but provide the added benefit of helping to reduce consumption of single-use plastic. 

  • Details

    Our 4,500 count bulk package of small straws is a cost-effective choice and perfect for home and office use, as well as for restaurants and other retail environments. Our biodegradable straws can also be used for parties, catering, and even arts and crafts. Each straw is individually wrapped for touchless handling and storage, while the paper packaging is also compostable and eco-friendly.  

    Join our commitment to a more sustainable future by choosing LifeMade Earth Friendly straws, the best alternative to paper and plastic straws. 

    • 4,500 count bulk package
    • Sub packaged in 250 count bundles in compostable** wrapping
    • Bulk packaged in recyclable corrugate
    • Proudly 100% Made in the USA

    *When introduced to a home compost.
    **Industrial Compostable

  • Dimensions

    • 19.75" x 13.75" x 16.5" in (case pack)
  • The #1 Straw for Eco-Friendly Businesses

    These Earth Friendly compostable straws are both home and commercially compostable, and are the ideal drinking straw for businesses who care about sustainability.  Our straws are made from LifeMade’s certified proprietary bio-based material, so when they are discarded they are digested by microbes and biodegrade completely, returning to nature. And unlike other eco-friendly options, LifeMade’s straws perform just as well as traditional plastic straws and won’t wilt — even in warm beverages. Each straw is individually-wrapped to offer convenient and sanitary handling, so you can do your part to help limit the spread of viruses. 

  • Sustainable and Earth Friendly

    Our straws are both home and commercially compostable as well! Using our eco-friendly straws will divert more waste away from the landfill and oceans and help our planet thrive.  Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the straw to the packaging -- straws are individually wrapped in paper, with each 250 count sub-pack of straws wrapped in industrial-compostable wrapping and finally packed in recyclable corrugated cardboard so that every part is eco-friendly.