Earth-friendly Straws

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Introducing the first-ever HOME COMPOSTABLE straw! These straws perform like traditional plastic straws - with matching strength and durability (with no risk of wilt ruining your beverage - or good time!) – while reducing waste and environmental impact. These worry-free, earth-friendly straws surpass expectation and can be composted right at home!

  • Details

    • 100% home and commercially compostable
    • Proudly made in USA
    • Works with warm and cold liquids
    • No wilting
    • Available in 2 sustainable packaging options
    • 50 count
  • Dimensions

    • 8 x 1.5 x 8 in (UNIT)
  • Certified Home and Commercially Compostable

    Our Earth-friendly straw is made of LifeMade’s certified, proprietary bio-based material - and it’s changing the game for sustainable disposables. The first of its kind, it can be composted at home or at a commercial facility. Beyond the product and when it comes to sustainability, even packaging matters. Our Earth-friendly straws come packaged two ways: in a Forestry-certified box with 100% certified home-compostable window film and How2Recycle approval – or in a 100% recyclable bag. Either way; a win-win for the environment!

  • No Wilting, No Worries

    LifeMade Earth-friendly straws far outperforms other ‘eco-friendly’ options. They’re wilt resistant, won’t deteriorate in your warm or cold beverages and perform like environmental champs – so let the worry-free good times roll!