Earth-friendly Straws

Introducing the first-ever HOME COMPOSTABLE straw! These straws perform like traditional plastic straws - with matching strength and durability (with no risk of wilt ruining your beverage - or good time!) – while reducing waste and environmental impact. These worry-free, earth-friendly straws surpass expectation and can be composted right at home!

  • Details

    • 100% home and commercially compostable
    • Proudly made in USA
    • Works with warm and cold liquids
    • No wilting
    • Available in 2 sustainable packaging options
    • 50 count
  • Dimensions

    • 8 x 1.5 x 8 in (UNIT)
  • Certified Home and Commercially Compostable

    Our Earth-friendly straw is made of LifeMade’s certified, proprietary bio-based material - and it’s changing the game for sustainable disposables. The first of its kind, it can be composted at home or at a commercial facility. Beyond the product and when it comes to sustainability, even packaging matters. Our Earth-friendly straws come packaged two ways: in a Forestry-certified box with 100% certified home-compostable window film and How2Recycle approval – or in a 100% recyclable bag. Either way; a win-win for the environment!

  • No Wilting, No Worries

    LifeMade Earth-friendly straws far outperforms other ‘eco-friendly’ options. They’re wilt resistant, won’t deteriorate in your warm or cold beverages and perform like environmental champs – so let the worry-free good times roll!


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What are LifeMade’s Earth-Friendly Straws made of?

The LifeMade Earth Friendly Straw is made from a material called PHA. PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) is created by feeding common renewable plant oils to micro-organisms, and the resulting process creates the material, PHA. In technical terms, PHA is a polyester biosynthesized by a bacterium fed by inexpensive oils derived from the seeds of plants such as canola, soy, and palm. This process is very different than the manufacturing methods used to make petrochemical plastics. Because PHA is derived from organic materials and is fully biodegradable, it offers a better beginning-of-life and end-of-life scenario than any of today’s traditional single-use plastics.

How are straws made from PHA different from other compostable straws?

Many other compostable straws are made from polylactic acid (PLA), which is a material that only biodegrades in industrial composting facilities. Because 90% of composting facilities in the US will only accept yard trimmings, most of these straws end up in landfill. In contrast, PHA straws are marine biodegradable, soil biodegradable, and home compostable, so they will fully degrade regardless of how they are disposed of.

Do you have bendy straws?

Good question! We appreciate and share your love for a whimsical straw; this is something we are considering adding to our product portfolio!

How are straws made from PHA different from paper straws?

While paper straws are much better for the environment than plastic or polypropylene straws, paper straws do tend to wilt and collapse over time. Our PHA straw is heat and UV-resistant and its durability far exceeds that of paper straws. It performs just like traditional polypropylene straws, while being 100% certified Home Compostable and safe for the environment.

Where can I purchase these straws? Are these available in stores?

Many LifeMade products seen here are available for purchase at your local Walmart store, and will be soon available for purchase online at leading online retailers.