We envision a no-compromise future and are working hard to create it.

  • Our Roots and Responsibility

    Lifemade’s journey began more than 100 years ago, in the 1880s, when Diamond Match Company was formed. In the 1950s we pioneered the first kitchenware injection molding machines to make disposable cutlery and invented the first ever disposable cooler. Both opened the door for new on-the-go consumer experiences and advanced manufacturing processes. This was truly cutting edge technology at the time and helped to shape the future of the industry. Since then, we’ve evolved, making huge strides in product development and sustainability, but we’re not done yet. Today, we remain laser focused on what we believe is our unique responsibility to use our experience for good. To keep driving our industry forward, inventing better products for our customers and the earth, and continuing our journey to the no-compromise future we see.

Our Team is Inventing the Future of Sustainable Disposables

As a society, we rely heavily on single-use items and other disposable goods. We support a shift to reusables but we realistically know there’s a faster, more effective approach to cleaning up our planet that doesn’t require widespread behavioral change. Our team, across all of its departments, is united in our belief that through science, we can invent game-changing materials that remove burden from people and the planet without compromising on convenience or quality.

  • Our Innovations Lab

    An eco-friendly package isn’t very helpful if it only biodegrades in a far-away industrial facility. At LifeMade, we are designing and developing new products that allow consumers to buy, love and responsibly dispose of them. For the no-compromise future we envision, we must all be able to make better purchase decisions and do better for the earth.

  • Our Sustainability Team

    Our in-house sustainability team works with our scientists and across our entire operation to ensure products are produced effectively and with the earth in mind at every stage. They ensure that everyone can enjoy sustainable products and properly dispose of them without hassle.

  • Our Manufacturing

    We proudly make the majority of our products right here in the US, providing more national jobs and allowing for total control over our US-based supply chain. This enables us to make sure our products are made safely and at the highest level of quality, with our customers in mind.