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LifeMade’s products are made to be used whenever, wherever! Our eco-friendly coolers and straws are the most sustainable option on the market and are built to handle all of life’s adventures. From picnics and tailgates to hot chocolate playdates, we’re helping families live more sustainably one compostable straw at a time.

We recently sent some influencers and bloggers our LifeMade coolers and straws, and needless to say, they were a huge hit! Here are some ways they incorporated LifeMade products into their daily activities as part of their commitment to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Let’s take a look at how people are using LifeMade in real life.

Staying cool with the EnviroCooler


Our large capacity LifeMade Envirocooler was much appreciated by moms this summer. It’s large enough to hold packed lunches, drink cans, and other snacks, on top of the ice packs to keep everything fresh and cool. It’s also easy to pack in your trunk or back seat if you’ve stuffed your trunk with beach chairs, tents, and other fun summertime activities. @emalana brought the Envirocooler to the lake with her family and she noted that her family has “been doing lots of lake days, and with a baby you know there will be snacks involved! ⁣This new Envirocooler by @lifemade_products is the perfect cooler to store goodies for our lake days and its biodegradable foam technology makes it better for the planet!"

It’s also built to withstand getting knocked around but is sturdy enough to stand on its own. It’s waterproof design ensures that the water stays in and your family stays hydrated. @itssincerelybiana said that her family “took some much needed time to disconnect and have a family picnic.” She loved that the Envirocooler “was the perfect size and leak proof! The Envirocooler is also better for the planet than traditional foam coolers.”


While @itssincerelybiana took some time off with her family, @hannah.kraus was ready for a tailgate party. LifeMade’s products can definitely be used even after the summer season. She noted that “temps may be dropping, but football season is here and @lifemade_products are helping me + Nathan be tailgate ready! We used our new cooler for last weekend's game because it holds 24 cans and is super lightweight, plus it is leak proof and kept our ice for days!”

We can definitely get on board with sustainable tailgates — and you can double your cooler as a recycling bin after everyone’s had their drinks! Just dump out all the ice onto the grass and bring your cans and bottles back home to recycle for a win on the football field and for the environment.





Sippin’ sustainably with LifeMade’s straws

If you like drinking your soda and iced coffee with straws but hate the feel of paper and the destructive nature of plastic straws, then you can pack our eco-friendly straws in the EnviroCooler as well! Our straws are sold in packs so that you can enjoy them slowly on your own or with a big group of friends.

Unlike other plastic straw alternatives, ours are home compostable as well as industrial compostable so that you can go the extra mile right from home. @beingecomomical said that “ever since we started container gardening a few weeks ago, we’ve been composting just about everything. Who knew we could go so far as our straws? That’s where LifeMade Earth Friendly Straws come in. Earth Friendly Straws are the first to be compostable and have the same strength and weight as traditional plastic straws. They reduce waste, but NOT performance. So now, when we enjoy our lemon, orange and mint water - we can throw the peels AND the straws in our compost and go on about our day. I’ll drink to that!”




Cheers, @beingecomomical! While she was using our straws for a refreshing summer drink, you can also use our straws for hot beverages as well! @bubbyandbean tried this out recently at home with her daughter, who sounds like a budding eco-warrior.

@bubblyandbean recently shared the following story about her daughter and their family’s commitment to saving the planet: “When [my daughter] brings up her own ideas for helping the earth during our convos, you can imagine how much this mama's heart swells. In fact, it was her idea a couple of years ago to stop using plastic straws  Now we opt for @LifeMade_Products Earth-Friendly Straws, which are both biodegradable and 100% home compostable.* So after we finish sipping our hot chocolates (yep, these babies are durable and totally droop-proof, even in hot beverages), we can just toss them in the compost bin.”




@meg_ashworth similarly shared her family’s experience with our straws when asked: What’s the last eco friendly swap you’ve made? In addition to reusing mason jars for drinks, she uses our compostable straws! She noted that they “use a lot of straws in our house so I was so excited to find @lifemade_products Earth Friendly Straws 👏🏻 they’re 100% Home Compostable and actually perform! You can find them at Walmart on clip strip hangers in the juice, water, and soda aisles!

They even work in hot drinks! Perfect for anything you whip up this fall🍁 We tested them out in our apple cider floats 🍎 they’re Arabella and mama approved!”



Thank you so much to the bloggers out there that are working toward a better planet today and for generations to come! We’re excited that people are seamlessly integrating our products into their lifestyles and hope that this serves as inspiration for you as well. As our trendy influencers noted, you can find LifeMade’s products at Walmart and shortly on Amazon as well. ⁣

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