Apr 2021


Be a part of Earth Day 2021

Here are some ways you can participate in this global event for environmental awareness. 

Earth Day is a global event to spark awareness about the state of the environment we live in. Climate change, among other environmental changes due to human influence, is a growing concern that needs urgent addressing.  Environmental awareness should be more than a one day affair, and Earth Day is a great way to increase awareness, promote involvement, and kickoff everyday activities that individuals and communities can participate in. Here, we go through everything you need to know about Earth Day and how to participate in the day’s activities.

What Is It?

Earth Day, like the name suggests, is a day each year that raises awareness of the need to protect the Earth’s natural resources for future generations. What started as a grassroots movement in 1970 has now grown to become a day that is observed worldwide. The event is celebrated all around the world in support of environmental protection and positive change. There are a number of different conferences, rallies, events, service projects, and more in order to bring the attention needed to help save the environment. Events can span from small community cleanings to the signing of international treaties.

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22, and this year is no different. Earth Day 2021’s theme is Restore Our Earth, which focuses on making lifestyle changes to ensure that our earth will continue to have blue skies, clean air, and clean water to drink.

Activities for Earth Day 2021

Along with the many Earth Friendly activities that can be done during any time of the year, there are also a number of specific Earth Day activities that you can be a part of. Some great ways to participate in Earth Day this year include:

Joining Earth Day Network Campaigns

The specific Earth Day Networks do a large part of the planning for specific Earth Day events. You can follow the different ones depending on your interests to make sure you are getting involved. If you are unsure what to do, these campaigns and projects help to give you some direction. Some notable campaigns to follow include, The Canopy Project, The Great Global Cleanup, Climate Literacy, Earth Challenge, and many more. These campaigns have specific goals that may be a great way to learn about different ways to help improve the environment.

Family-Friendly Activities

Earth day is a great way to get the little ones involved and eco-conscious at a young age. Since many of the actions that we do now affect their lives later, it is our job to make sure they understand the importance of taking care of our earth. Some family-friendly activities to do include joining a local cleanup, starting a compost bin, thinking of small energy-friendly alternatives for the house, planting a tree, and many more. Since there are many factors that impact the health of our Earth, there are limitless ways that we can improve it.

Join the Global Climate Summit

The specific theme for Earth Day 2021 focuses on restoring our Earth, and also marks the day of an important global climate summit held by the President. This important summit will help to increase commitment in elevating climate in foreign policy, creating a climate finance plan, rebuilding infrastructure, advancing agriculture and reforestation, refocusing on conservation, revitalizing energy communities, and many more. By participating and following the global climate summit, we are calling on the administration to deal with the serious environmental crisis that we have on hand. We can also get a better idea of what the new policies and focuses will be so that we can encourage more actionable change.

Virtual Earth Day Events

There are a number of virtual events that are meant to educate and spark support and action. You can listen to environmentalists speak about ways that you can make a difference. If you are struggling to find something to do on Earth Day, a virtual event is a great way to get involved from home. Environmental literacy and education is an important step to making sure that everyone understands the need to take action. If there is a specific interest you have, you are sure to find a virtual event that fits your preferences. Find more virtual events at EarthDay.Org. 

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Why It Is Important

While it is an important day to celebrate, making more environmentally friendly choices should go beyond Earth Day. Becoming more environmentally aware may seem like a big challenge, but lots of small actions will add up and make a big impact. Policy changes that companies and the government make often draw from local communities and what families and individuals care about, and the more we participate in public events, the more our elected officials will see that the environment is something they should be paying attention to, so that we can work collectively to leave our earth better than we found it — just like what we tell our children when we go out into nature.  

Hopefully, this guide is able to provide you with everything you need to know and get you started on the track to improving the world we live in. Just like from the very first Earth Day, by coming together, we are able to start making impactful changes to better our environment.

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