Our Promise To You

We’re committed to creating no-compromise products for our customers.

  • Superior Performance

    Without compromising values

  • All Around Convenient

    From purchase to use, and disposal

  • Innovative Materials

    Patented and designed to push our industry forward

  • Easy Disposal

    More sustainable without more work

  • Inventing The Future Through Materials Innovation

    We’re innovators. With a large team of scientists, R&D and quality professionals, engineers and material science experts, we are literally creating the future of disposable products. We hold 15+ patents and partner with various third party certification and testing groups to create the next best product across quality and ideal end of life outcomes.  

  • Sustainability Designed For All

    At LifeMade, we design our products so that everyone can buy them, love them, then properly and easily dispose of them. For the no-compromise future we envision, we must all be able to make better purchase decisions and do better for the earth.  

Life. Made Better.

LifeMade is all about making life better through sustainable innovation and product experiences. Every step we take in this direction brings us closer to our vision of a no-compromise future — one where everyone has access to disposable products that are as good for the earth as they are convenient and enjoyable to use. As pioneers in our industry with a century’s worth of experience, it’s our responsibility to harness what we do best — materials innovation and production — for a better world. We’re inspired by the families that enjoy our products and committed to meaningful change. 

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